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The Moka Pot

Brew the perfect Fyngan cup

Equipement list

  • Freshly roasted coffee (whole bean or Ground)
  • Moka Pot
  • Scoop for coffee
  • Grinder
  • Scale
  • Hot water
  • A stop watch or timer
  • A Fyngan cup 

Step 1 - Boil Water

Start to boil your water while you prepare the coffee and Moka pot.

Step 2 - Weigh Coffee

With scale:

We'll be weighing 30grams of coffee. A ratios of 1:10. As the water resevoir of a 6 cup Moka pot is aprox 300ml.

Without scale:

Fill the basket till the top without tamping the coffee, just give it a little tap on a hard surface just to settle the grounds and remove any air pockets. 


Step 3 - Grind Coffee

If you have purchased whole bean then please follow step if you already purchased ground coffee beans go ahead and skip this step.

 With your grinder set it to a little coarser than espresso setting and then grind the weighted beans. 

Step 4 - Add Coffee 

Place the moka pot basket in something that can support it while you add all the ground coffee. In our case we used our 5oz espresso take away cups.

Gently tap the basket to settle the grounds (DO NOT PRESS DOWN ON COFFEE BED) and with you spoon level the bed.

Step 5 - Add hot water

Add hot water from boil just underneath the valve.


Step 6 - Drop the basket

Drop the basket into the bottom part of the moka pot. Be careful as things will be hot.

Step 7 - Connect

Screw in the top part of the Moka pot to the bottom with the coffee basket. Please use a cloth or some rag as the bottom part will be extreamly hot to the touch. 

Step 8 - Place on heat

Place the Moka pot on to a heating element. And watch it till the first liquid of coffee appears.

Step 9 - Bloom

Immediatly after you see the liquid start to come out, remove the Moka pot from the heating element and let it sit around 30 sec for blooming. This stage insures all coffee grounds are saturated with water. 

Step 10 - Place back

Watching the flow of the coffee, you want a steady stream not to fast not to slow. If you find it running a little quick, lift up the Moka from the heating element. If you find it running a little slow, place back the Moka to the heating element. 

Step 11 - Done

Once your done you should not hear any popping or bubbling sound, it should have a quite finish! 

Pour and Enjoy

Grab your cup and pour your deliciously brewed Moka Pot drink. 

Don't forget to share your Cup of Fyngan